Meet Jay D Chhaniyara- a prodigy, an inspiration!

Master JAY CHHANIYARA, an untaught artist, was born in the year 1993 with natural, instinctive and inbred talent and flair. He suffers more with the social word “Disable or Handicapped” and less with C.P. (cerebral palsy – A kind of disorder caused by brain damaged occurring at or before birth & marked with Muscular impairment.)

As ill luck it would have been, this intrinsic and innate performer had to undergone more than 20 surgeries on both legs, right hand and the right eye at that phase of life where kids are without any burden of life and when life means enjoyment, virtuousness, delight and innocence. Subsequently Mr. and Mrs. Chhaniyara – the worthy parents of Jay Chhaniyara, who precisely deserve to be complimented along with Jay, Who stood beside their Child in those stiff and taut moments of life in making Jay understand that he had become handicapped only by Body not by soul. Mr. and Mrs. Chhaniyara made Jay to identify and recognize the flair and aptitude he had within.

As the result of which the inside artist woke up. In those stiff days when he faced 6 operation in his both legs. To forget his pain, he heard a simple mimicry cassette in Gujrati, and than when the family members came to see Jay, he spoke whole cassette without missing any single word and with the word “This is side A, now listen side B”! Than Mr. and Mrs. Chhaniyara realized that they had amazing kid with extra ordinary grasping power.

For the first time, at the age of only 6th, Jay gave his first mimicry performance in family get-to-gather. And than he realized that it can give him batter career than anything else. And than he performed many shows all over Gujrat. After two or three year of laughter journey, he visited to Mumbai and there he came to know that a Mega event of Laughter starts with the title “Koi bhi Aao – Hansa ke Dikhao” by Marshals. Without having the knowledge of Hindi Language, he took part in “Marshal Comedy Award” and with the blessing of Almighty he came in 1st position by public voting among the 700-800 contestants.

Another major incident was happened after two years of Marshal Comedy award, the Star channel gave Jay as the special appearance in very famous T.V. show “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” here Jay performed his level best and every time he exhausted with more and more efforts.

He also gave more than 50 performance in singing of Devotional songs of SAI BABA. He sings the legendary Md. Rafi’s songs and Jain Stavans very well, he is a die-hard fan of Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar, and he met him in 2003. He loves his father Mr. Deepak Chhaniyara & mother Mrs. Heena Chhaniyara more than any thing in this world. And always do naughty and silly actions to his brother Ravi Chhaniyara. Jay’s father is a Government servant in Water Supply Board – Rajkot, Mother is a House wife, and Brother is a Student in College, who is a script writer of Jay’s Sher-o-Shayries and editor of Jokes.

In the period of these 10 years of Jay’s laughter journey, he performed more than 1600 stage shows, and performed in more than 20-25 T.V. channels by millions and billions of fan’s blessings all over the world. We the Chhaniyara Family, thanking all the T.V. shows, T.V. channels and each and every well-wisher of Jay Chhaniyara by our deepest corner of heart.

………But before we think that the life for this child prodigy has been a dream run, one should ponder again. For, there is an ongoing physical struggle which the boy is still battling. For the last 12 years he has been continuously undergoing treatment for his disorder, he faced more than 20 operations on his both legs, right hand and a right eye. The 3rd part of his 18 years of life has spent in different hospitals. Coming from a humble background, his father Deepak Chhaniyara is a junior state government employee, and finance had been in limited supply but thanks to Jay's joyous spirit and will power, Jay hopes to dissolve all his pain through laughter.

Hats off to you Jay Chhaniyara!

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