Jay Chhaniyara Foundation Trust. (Rajkot – Guj.)
  • A person is not handicapped by BODY, only by BRAIN. Every Disable is “Specially Able” there is no need to prove that, you can see hundreds of people with extra-ordinary power through Disabilities.

  • To help those brothers and sisters Jay Chhaniyara opened a trust named Jay Chhaniyara Foundation Trust. With the help of Donors and other Charity Shows, Jay helps those people who are not able to get proper Medical Treatments, Operations, Medicines as well as wheelchairs, crouches and other equipments by themselves.
"A person cries when he had no shoes, But, he stopped crying when he saw a person WITHOUT LEGS."

  • Don’t cry when you have both health and wealth, thank GOD that you are not needed a person’s help to move from one place to another. Just keep in mind that somebody at somewhere in your street, in your residency, in your city, in your state, in your country, and in your world, can not do at least one simple daily routine without any help.

  • God given you the responsibility to help those persons who actually needs “Help - Happiness and Love”. If you want to do something for them by any manner though by economic help or by service through Jay Chhaniyara Foundation Trust, you are most welcome.

To help and for any details about the registration of trust, activities of trust, motives of trusts and charity shows,

Jay Chhaniyara Foundation Trust – Rajkot (Gujrat)
AA-24, Shastri Nagar, Nana Mauva Main Road, Rajkot 360005
e-mail: info@laughwithjay.com

So here's working towards a noble cause! Kindly help the young lad achieve his dreams!
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