“ Yes that’s it !! A moment when we became proud, Jay Chhaniyara has created FIVE world records of India’s Youngest Disable Mimicry Artist. Life with Laughter is very difficult when we have 80% physical disabilities, But, Jay says that there are two types of pains, 1) The Pain that Hurts you, 2) The Pain that Changes you… He selected second option, so the journey does not stop here… It has just Began ”

Aajkaal Akila (Rajkot) Divya Bhaskar
Phulchhab Sandesh Sanj Samachar
Vishwakarmaa Vishwa Sandesh (Rajkot) Gujarat Samachar
Jai Hind Sandesh Divya Bhaskar
Aajkaal Divya Bhaskar Gujarat Times

Aashayein – Zee T.V. & U T.V. – (2009)
Appreciation By My FM (2008)
Appreciation in Kinnar Mahotsav – (2008)
Rotary Club Award (2008)
Vishishth Pratibha Award (2008)

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